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Here at Rent a Computer, we pride ourselves in having laptop rentals available in a wide range of screen sizes, processors and operating systems as we provide laptops from wide variety of manufacturers. You can rent Laptops nationwide for your corporate events, Trade shows and Exhibitions. We will deliver and provide complete turnkey solutions for all your computer rental needs.

Many of our corporate clients rent large fleets of Laptops for software testing, user conference and training classes. The cost of renting Laptops could run into thousands of dollars which is why, here at Rent a Computer, we guarantee the lowest cost by providing a very transparent quote with line item details. There are no hidden charges. We strive to provide the best quality and best experience for the lowest overall cost.

Each of our Laptops come with a protective case, a mouse, power cords, equipped with Windows, WiFi, and can have MS Office loaded onto them if needed.

Our Lenovo Thinkpads are mobile and durable, with 4GB RAM and dual-core processors these laptops can handle any basic operation. However, if you need something faster (8 threads of CPU) our Upper Level Lenovo P50s come equipped with 8GB RAM and quad-core processors.

As for Higher End Laptops, please know that we can meet any specific need your company requires.

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