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Each of our customers is unique and we are proud to offer a variety of different computer options to meet each of your distinct needs.  We can provide laptops, desktops and tablets, fully customizable with the operating system and programs of your choice.  We offer shipment, delivery, setup and technician services for any size order.

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Whether you need a small monitor for your computer or a large flat screen TV to catch people’s attention, Rent a Computer also provides a wide array of video equipment.  We have cameras, DVD and Blu-Ray players, scalers, switchers and VGA distribution amplifiers as well as teleprompters.  If you have a specific function you are trying to accomplish, please call us and see how we can help.

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If your meeting requires an LCD projector, we will be happy to supply you with everything the presentation need to make a strong impression.  We have small, medium and large projector packages available to display for any size of audience to clearly see.  Our projector options range from 2000 – 6000 lumens and can be paired with tripod or fast fold screens of any size.

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A quality, wireless microphone can make all the difference between your message being successfully delivered, or falling flat.  We offer reliable sound gear and expert technical assistance to make sure that your speaker’s message comes across sounding clear and professional.  Whether you need one or several microphones, handheld or lapel, big speakers or small, Rent a Computer is happy to provide you with the proper equipment to help you be heard.

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Rent a Computer also provides a wide variety of supplemental technology such as: wireless mice, laser pointers, flipcharts, whiteboards, roll carts, printers, photocopiers and other devices.

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